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Car Radiator Repair

Car Radiator

Exceptional Car Radiator Repair Services

Is your car's temperature gauge creeping upward? Avoid the costly engine repairs caused by an overheated car with reliable radiator repairs from Jimmy's Auto Repair Service. You'll get a FREE estimate and same-day service!

We'll restore your car's cool by repairing or replacing your plastic-aluminum or copper-brass car radiator. We can also replace your heater core or fix or replace your thermostat. 
Car Radiator Repair

Your WARRANTY is Accepted Here!

We accept WARRANTY work. In addition, we provide you with WARRANTIES for your car radiator repair. Visit us today for a FREE estimate or for same-day services.

Restore Your Car's Cool With Our Repair Services

  • Car radiator repair or replacement
  • Plastic-aluminum car radiator
  • Copper-brass car radiator
  • Heater core replacement
  • Thermostat repair or replacement
  • Water pump repair
Visit us today at 2510 W. Sedgley Ave to get your FREE Estimate.
Call us at 215-765-2499 to schedule your repairs.

SAME-DAY SERVICES are available. You can drive your car home the same day!
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